You can join or access the private Facebook group by Clicking Here. 

If you have not joined the private group yet, make sure you enter your email address when prompted to verify that you are a member of the Accelerator Program and a moderator will approve your request within 24 hours.

This group is for members of the Accelerator program to receive coaching from Matthew Sabia and other instructors on their eCommerce businesses, take part in the weekly live coaching calls every Tuesday night and network with the rest of the Accelerator community of students.

Please act accordingly with the group rules which you've agreed to upon joining and explained in depth in the "get started" video inside of the member's area.

This group is the one place to receive coaching on your business and marketing campaigns. There is no way to contact Matt or any of the other instructors directly outside of this group.

Also, any posts or comments relating to billing or technical support will be removed and result in a temporary suspension from the group. For any billing and technical support matters, please contact:

Note: For future reference, we recommending adding the Facebook group to your bookmarks bar. The link to the Facebook group can also be found in your Accelerator account.