There are a couple of reasons why one of the moderators may have been banned or temporarily muted in the Facebook group. The most common reason would be violating one of the group rules which you agree to upon joining and explained in the "get started" video in your member's area.

Those rules are the following:

1. No Spam or Unreasonable Self Promotion: Always try to give more than you take to this group and support the community as a whole. blatant self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links aren't allowed. (This does not include posting links to your business/website to ask questions relating to it or to receive coaching/feedback)

2. The Coaching Group is NOT For Technical Support: Any posts related to technical support such as login issues or billing-related injuries are not allowed in the coaching group repeated violations can result in an instant ban or your account being temporarily muted.

3. You Must Be An Accelerator Member To Join: To join this private coaching group you must be a member of the DeepWork Accelerator Program. All non-member requests will be denied. Remember that our moderators are humans, sometimes make mistakes and accept members who are not Accelerator members and later remove them. This is rare but happens on occasion. If you are not an Accelerator member, click here to join now.

Types Of Restrictions: There are two types of restrictions moderators can apply; permanent bans and temporary mutes. Bans are permanent and tend to be executed when a member has either violated one of the group rules or has either joined the group without being an Accelerator Program member or has canceled their subscription. Mutes are only temporary and tend to be applied when a moderator believes it's clear that a member has unintentionally violated a rule, is asking the same question repeatedly, is disturbing the flow of productive conversation or other reasons not justifying a complete ban.

If you have any other questions or truly believe a mistake has been made, please contact support using the live chat widget in your member's area to sending a message to and provide as much information as possible